The interior of the car is designed to provide comfort for the driver and passengers. However, he is subjected to various external influences, so that the padding wears away, the color of it fade and tarnish.

Padding of the saloon car is a great way out! The use of leather materials allows to return a presentable appearance to the whole interior or individual parts of it – the seats, dashboard, ceiling. In addition, this service our artists will create an individual style and give a certain “flavor” to your iron horse.Leather or eco leather in various shades, textures and brands will help to make interesting combination, exclusive and unique. You can choose the material, even the color of the car body – it will look very stylish.



Paint the car – quite a laborious process with its nuances, so to achieve a good result it is better to entrust this task to professionals. Our service center is ready to perform a full range of car paint, including its separate parts and elements of the interior.Restore damaged areas, polishing work, painting plastic, our craftsmen will cope with the most difficult work, paying attention to all the subtleties and details. Anti-corrosion materials applied before painting, to extend the service life, prevent the rusting process, serves all imperfections and flaws. The latest paint materials will give an incredible Shine and sheen to the body, and our modern paint camera will provide the optimum temperature for drying material and, accordingly, the qualitative result of work.



Clean, nice smelling car interior creates a relaxed, favorable atmosphere to the driver and passengers. Proper cleaning and washing the car will not only help to maintain clean but also extend the life of materials used in the interior upholstery of the vehicle.

Cleaning a car involves the cleaning of the cabin, seats, ceiling and plastic panels. The use of quality, modern detergents to purify them from various contaminants.

Washing the body in a contactless manner will clean it gently without damaging the finish prone to scratches. To complete the process of bringing your “swallows” polishing. Our masters will make shine the mirrors, plastic parts in the cabin, and also take care of the coating of the body. The paintwork will get the incredible shine and your car will be as good as new.